“The Footnotes” are the real thing when it comes to the music of the 60s.  Other bands do a 60s medley or two but this group specializes in the era.

When we hear an old song most of us say or think, “Man, what great times we had!”  Actually, if you remember those times carefully and did attend shows with the great acts of the day, chances are you heard “The Footnotes.”

This band reformed in 1999 with the actual personnel that backed many of the great R&B acts of the 60s. “The Footnotes” backed many famous artists like Billy Stewart, Jackie Wilson, Jerry Butler and others as they would use local talent to front their acts and/or fill in instrumentation within their touring bands.  "The Footnotes" still recall the stories about those artists and their acts from actual experience.

“The Footnotes” were and still are special.  This eight piece group runs a full complement of instrumentation including trumpets, trombone, saxophone, guitar, keyboard and drums.  This fact makes a significant difference!  “The Footnotes” with their full instrumentation complemented by five-part harmony (vocal talent in this group is fabulous), sing and play the songs from the 60s.

It has been said that, “Music is the key to the soul.”  There is no question that memories are enhanced when associated with music.  Music sometimes has that unique ability to take you back as nothing else can.

“The Footnotes” provide a perfect path to the past. They are the past!  No one is doing the 60s mix that this band is doing.  In fact, in some cases their renditions are truly better than the original.

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